Missions and Goals

Mission Statement

The Sunset School family and community partners are committed to excellence in education for students’ current and future success.


  • Vision Statement
    Sunset Elementary School provides a diverse community where students will become productive and cooperative life-long learners to ensure their success for the future.


  • Belief Statements

    1. The Sunset School family and community partners should work cooperatively to provide the best education for students.

    2. The staff must demonstrate exemplary professional conduct and commitment to students.

    3. All students should have the opportunity to experience success and should be encouraged to achieve at high levels.

    4. Students are most receptive to learning in an environment that is safe, comfortable, positive, and academically stimulating.

    5. Students learn best in an atmosphere where mutual respect has been established between the students and teachers.

    6. Students learn socially acceptable behavior when positive role models are provided.

    7. Students should have the opportunity to learn in ways that meet their unique needs for kinesthetic, auditory, and visual experiences.

    8. Technological resources should be provided and used when appropriate to enhance instruction and learning.

    9. Students should be rewarded for meeting standards of excellence in academics, attendance, and behavior.