Information on Grading, School day, and Attendance

Grading System

Grading Guideline

KINDERGARTEN & FIRST: Portfolio and conference - teachers will give you this information later.

GRADE 2: S = Satisfactory, N = Needs Improvement, U= Unsatisfactory

GRADES 3rd - 5th:

A= 90-100

B= 89-90

C= 80-89

Below 70 (Failing)

Honor Roll of Excellence: All grades 93-100
Academic Honor Roll: All grades 85-100

Parent-Teacher Conferences:  A parent is welcome to communicate with the teacher by note or phone.  You may arrange a conference by calling 890-6184.  Please do not come to the school for a conference without arranging it first with the classroom teacher.

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Welcome to the Colquitt County Campus Portal! Here you will find instant access to accurate, current and confidential information about your child(ren)'s school attendance, grades, class assignments and more.


School Days

Arrival at School

School Hours: Due to scheduled supervision, students should not arrive at school until 7:00 am. No student(s) should be on campus before 7:00 am.

Students wishing to eat breakfast should report directly to the school cafeteria, except for Pre-K students. Pre-K should report to the Pre-K paraprofessional on duty in the gym. Those choosing not to eat breakfast should report to their designated area until dismissed by personnel on duty.

Our school day instruction begins at 7:45 and ends at 2:30. Any student arriving after 8:00 am will be considered tardy and must go by the Office for a Tardy Slip for class.


    All students who do not ride the bus to or from school should be dropped off and picked up at the back of the school. Because we often schedule meetings and training sessions for our staff, all students should be picked up before 2:40 pm.
Please remain in your vehicle, stay in line, and do not call students to come to your vehicle.  Student safety is our primary concern!

Attendance Policy

School attendance is one of the keys to academic success. Parents can  help their children succeed by encouraging school attendance. If an emergency absence is necessary (such as an illness), a note from a parent should be sent to the school. The note should include the student's name, the date of the absence, the reason for the absence, and the parent's signature.  If a child must leave school during the day, a parent or guardian must sign the child out in the office.  AT NO TIME may a student leave campus without permission. Students must remain at school until 11:00 am to be counted present. A student must arrive by 11:00 am to be counted present.

Our school will be rated as exemplary, satisfactory, or unsatisfactory by the Office of Accountability based upon student attendance. 

Students who come to school each day will be recognized for their accomplishments each month.   Parents or guardians will be contacted by Angie Kling, the school’s Social Worker, when their student has missed more than 20 days. If the student continues to miss school, The Compulsory Attendance Law will be enforced through the District Attorney’s office in the case of excessive unexcused absences.